Installing Apps

Once you've installed Fire★ , you're going to want to start using apps to communicate with your friends (or enemies, we won't judge you).

There are two ways to install applications

  1. Install a package you download from the web.
  2. Install a package someone used in a conversation.

From the Web

A few example apps can be found on our website under the "example apps" section. Find one you want to install (I personally enjoy pong), click on it, and download it. Once you've downloaded it, you can either click and drag it into Fire★ to install it, or just click Main and then Install App and then select the app in your file manager. Congratulations! You've installed your first app!

Used in a Conversation

If someone uses an application in a conversation with you, you can install it with one click! Next to all applications used in a conversation there is an Install button on the top right by the application name.

Click on the Install on the top right of the application and it will be added to your collection. You can then use this application in your own conversations with others.

Editing Installed Applications

Any application you install you can modify. See Creating Apps.